In one of my articles, I mentioned why you should prefer Calisthenics over Weightlifting. Now the second question arises, where to start?Before you mess around with Muscle-Ups, Human Flags and Front Lever you need to be strong at the basics i.e pull-ups, push-ups, dips, squats and leg raises. Those are pretty much all the exercises you will ever do. All other, more advanced exercises are variations or combinations of these basic exercises!

But before you start let’s take our eyes on these 3 basic notes which  you should keep in mind while performing Calisthenics:

  • Learning Calisthenics will take time
  • Always try to have a full range of motion or else the exercise is useless.
  • Increase the load and intensity progressively.

Here’s a basic workout of calisthenics which you can start with

Note: as the strength of each person varies, you can increase or decrease the number of sets or intervals in between the sets accordingly.

  • 1. Static Chin-Up – 8 REPETITIONS

Chin-ups are something that looks easy but are actually tough. Chin-ups strengthen your arms, biceps, and shoulders. Chin ups help you to develop the basic strength required to pull your body up which turns out to be a basic necessity in advanced Calisthenics.

  • 2. Elevated Push-Up – 10 REPETITIONS

In elevated push-ups, you put your feets above a plank or stool in order to get some elevation. this type of push ups are helpful in increasing strength of upper body especially shoulders and upper chest.

  • 3. Leg Raises – 10 REPETITIONS

Leg raises develops your core muscles leading to increasing the abdominal strength. You can also replace leg raises with some other core strengthening exercises like sit ups and crunches if you find them difficult.