We often ask ourselves how to be a success? or is it worth following your dreams rather than joining some good paying work and live a happy life? Well, I still don’t really know that what I do has any worth, Chasing your dream is difficult and often stresses you up. Setbacks are the ones you face the most. These setbacks can be anything, from a person to your own limitations. Which often leads us to self-doubt and demotivation towards our dreams. Yes, getting a high paid job is very much a secure way to live a life, and is not a bad thing. If you are not chasing your dreams, and are contained or happy with what you have then you don’t need anything else.

Now for those who are working and can’t get out to follow your dreams; having a feeling of being stuck or are lost. You just need a push start to cross that line from unwilling work to be free and chase your dream. All you need a small “Change” and this is the article will tell you how.

Change is hard at first, Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

What exactly is Change?

Change is something that can a person from being “Nothing to Something”. Change is the only way to can get rid of the unwilling jobs that you are doing and move forward. Let’s suppose your working a job but have the capability to achieve something else. what to do at this time? Well, I would say all you need to do is to pack your things and leave. But the reality is not that simple. We have others counting on us and we need that income to support them. There is another way, making them understand the importance and the belief you have in your dream and in yourself. Make them trust your decision. Even if it goes wrong at the end.

Now with the part of your doubts in your dream. We all have them when we first start. Make a plan, take a milestone without leaving your job. That milestone should be something which will make you feel more secure with your dream. In a much simpler manner when you reach this milestone, you should know that you can achieve your dream. Suppose if I want to be the best chef in the world, I would work my job in the daytime. At the night I would work to reach my milestone, would be something that will assure me that yes if I leave my job now I can be the greatest chef ever.

This is what “The Change” part is, Change is that milestone when you reach it, you can be a different person with a different perspective towards your life. It is that boundary from which you can never come back once crossed over.